Monday, November 17, 2008

TWD Arborio Rice Pudding

I love the fall. The weather is finally cooling down and the night air is crisp. This is the time of year I sleep the best.
I have never tasted rice pudding before. Yes, it may sound unbelievable, but true. My mom never made it and I never really had the craving to try it. So this weeks recipe from Dorie's book was a perfect opportunity. After some searching I found the right kind of rice and began the task- a really easy process but for some reason, it just didn't turn out the way it ws supposed to. All went well until I put it in the fridge and waited and waited and waited. It barely thickened and the next day was still a bit soupy. I probably would add less milk next time- but there will not be a next time. Just not my " cup of rice" if you know what I mean. Maybe puddings in general are not my favorite thing- I'll take a rich cake, cookie or cupcake anytime! The taste and texture were strange for me and the rest of my family. Very , very sweet - and let me tell you- I love sweet, but this was sort of sickening. Chalk this one up to experience!
Wherever you are in the world- enjoy the season, be it fall , summer or spring!


  1. I skipped this weeks event due to the fact no one in my house likes rice pudding, but after reading others blogs they said the recipe is wrong on the cooking time it should read cook it for 55 mins not the 30/35 Dorie put in her book.

  2. Welcome..sorry you didn't like the pudding..I didn't like it family was not crazy about it except for one daughter who ate the entire pan!

  3. I made it, but I agree. It's gross. Welcome to the group!

  4. Sorry your first recipe was such a let down! Can't really blame yourself, though, when the cooking time is off.
    Welcome to Tuesdays with Dorie!

    p.s. I like your name :)

  5. Yael, the origin of my name is Hebrew and I've been told that it means "belonging to God" or "of God" but I don't actually speak Hebrew. I'm curious how you pronounce your name...mine is Lay-el

  6. hey, thank you for checking out my blog! Have a wonderful day!


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