Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chag Atzmaut Sameach! Happy Independence Day!

I've been a bad girl. Haven't posted in quite a while, but there are a few excuses-ok- no excuses. Once a week- that's my goal now- post once a week. I really enjoy doing it. It's just that I get lazy and , I must say, somewhat intimidated. I regularly read other people's blogs (cooking and baking in particular) and there are so many that do such an amazing job. I never considered writing to be one of my strong points but I suppose one does not have to be a Hemingway to write a blog. Photography is also something new to me, in terms of taking food photos at least. I am awed by some of the photos on the various blogs. Ok, on to the subject of this post.
Tomorrow is Yom Ha Atzmaut -Independence Day in Israel. 61 years- such a young country and so much history. Couldn't resist the opportunity to bake a cake with the Israeli flag- simple orange cake with Magnolia Bakery recipe for buttercream. Cookies are in the process of being decorated. Another day or two and you'll see them here.

Chag Sameach- Happy Holiday!

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