Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Playing Around

I've had a box full of frozen cookies for the past few months now and I figured it was about time I used them before they became inedible. It was a perfect opportunity to practice some techniques and ideas I've had on my "to do" list ( which is so long- I'll never be able to complete it in this lifetime!) I love using Pinterest for collecting ideas and saving my own creations. These flower cookies are on my "Cookie Inspirations" board. To be honest, my cookies were originally from Thanksgiving cutters- a leaf and a Pilgrim's hat, so I decided to look for other uses since waiting for next Thanksgiving was out of the question!
The Pilgrim's hat was turned upside down and and the leaf- well I just improvised. The garden of flowers (on the leaf) was inspired by a picture from Cake Girl's Cakes on Cake The bouquet was inspired by The Hungry Hippopotamus.( Both originals far surpass anything I did but it was fun working on them).
Thinking out of the box is something one needs to learn and exercise. So many of the outstanding cookie decorators can do this with seeming ease. That's what make their work so amazing. I have tried in the past and still find it hard, but this time I was determined to come up something for the acorn cookie. After a lot of twisting and turning and moving it around, I finally had my ah!ha! moment( remember, we're talking about a COOKIE here!) The top looked like a beret( to me) and then I came up with the idea of the Frenchman wearing a red beret. It was almost too simple since I just piped on the red beret and sketched the face in with edible food markers. Sorta cute I think! The last two are just designs I came up with playing around with whatever colors I had. I'm pretty pleased with the way they came out too.
They all ended up being thrown away (I know, I know- terrible) but they really weren't fresh anymore and I didn't feel right about letting anyone eat them. Next time they will be for consumption only!

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