Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Devil's Food White Out Cake

I opted out of last week's recipe, Floating Islands- just not my thing and even though I am willing to try anything, in these times, preparing food that I know I have no customers for would be wasteful. I did enjoy reading other peoples comments on the recipe and seeing pics of the results. Maybe sometime the opportunity will arise for me to try this recipe.

On to this week's choice. I actually made this a few weeks ago for my husbands birthday ( I even remembered to take pictures of it- that's my weak area, the picture taking). I found the cake to be quite easy to make ,but I was a bit disappointed (with myself) at the appearance of the final product. I know I could have done it better and next time I will leave the top center portion of the cake white and just make a ring around the outer edge in chocolate crumbs. The cake itself was chocolatey and moist and the frosting was sooo yummy! I had two cakes that evening- also made a cheesecake with a tropical twist ( mango nectar inside) and a passionfruit topping. That way I could satisfy both the die hard chocolate lovers and the cheesecake/fruit lovers. Personally, I can handle both with absolutely no problem ( or maybe that IS my problem!). Both cakes were a success- definitely do agains.


  1. I didn't make the Floating Islands either. I made this cake for my daughters 16th brithday. I hope your husband liked it!


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