Tuesday, February 3, 2009

World Peace Cookies -TWD

I"m not sure these cookies would bring world peace, but they sure could put a smile on a lot of faces. These were easy to make and I didn't have the trouble of them breaking up when I cut them, as a few people had commented on Tuesdays with Dorie. The cookies have a deep chocolate taste and the fleur de sel ( I used organic grey sea salt and it was just fine) really brings out that extra zing of a chocolate flavor. I had planned on bringing these to work, but they never quite made it until the next day! Now, I am trying ( I emphasize "trying") to diet ( yeah , right- when I so love to bake , it's like mission impossible!), and I have been pretty good at just taking a small taste of the things I make lately. BUT- these- these cookies were addictive- so rich and a great texture- I'm not only a taste eater but a texture eater too. Does that make any sense? Oh well, if I am going to binge, it might as well be with something good like World Peace cookies rather than just any old junk! Definitely a "tabbed for return " recipe. Enjoy!


  1. These cookies are diet-killers, but unlike about 99% of the other cookies out there, I think they are worth the calories (or that's what I tell myself, anyway). Nice job!

  2. They were good weren't they. YOurs look good.


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