Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dessert Table

I've been very busy this past week, preparing for my first "real" order of desserts. An aquaintance is having a progressive Valentine's dinner with 18 guests- drinks and appetizers at one person's house, dinner at another house and finally, dessert and dancing at the third house. I was asked to do all the desserts! This is a real opportunity for me since all the guests are foreign embassy diplomats and if I do this right, it could generate some not so bad business!
The hostess wanted all bite-sized desserts, lots of chocolate( of course, for Valentine's Day) and whatever else I chose. So here is what I chose- there are 7 different desserts with enough for 2-3 portions per person.
 mini pecan cups
mini red velvet cakes with cinnamon buttercream frosting
( frosting tastes amazing!) From Baked!

meringue cups filled with a white chocolate-mint ganache

meringue kisses sandwiched with chocolate ganache
(these were spur of the moment made with the left over meringue)

cheesecake topped brownies( to die for)

white chocolate panacotta, strawberry base and cinammon streusal topping
tri-color cakes/cookies with chocolate glaze
flavored with almond paste, layered with apricot jam and amaretto
what could be bad?
this recipe is from "baked"- highly recommended!

chocolate-orange liquer truffles and raspberry truffles

Everything is ready to go- just have to load it all into the car and deliver! Even though it was a lot of work, I planned it well and didn't really feel the pressure. Besides, I loved every moment of it- wish I could trash the day job and bake all the time!
Wish me luck- hope they like everything!