Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

Not a very appealing looking result, but this Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake really is delicious. Fudgy and chocolatey inside with a sticky, drippy, VERY yummy frosting. You add the frosting while the cake is still hot so it seeps right into the cake. How could that be anything but good?
I was making this cake for my grandson's nursery school " Grandparents Day", and knowing that some kids might not like or even be allergic to peanuts, I changed the flavor of the frosting. 
Last visit to the U.S. , I made my rounds to Williams -Sonoma (no way I visit without going there!) 
and came across this.............

.............and this!

Not only did I find them ( they don't always carry them) but they were on sale for really silly prices.
So here I was, worrying about weight restrictions, and carrying back in my suitcase, jars of graham crack and vanilla wafer butter! (among many other things that god only knows how I made the weight limit!)
The graham cracker butter went first, but I had been saving the vanilla wafer butter for the right occasion. This Texas sheet cake was it. The solution to the peanut issue without sacrificing flavor or texture. The taste was great-both kids and grandparents went crazy over it. I threw some sprinkles on top for the kids, but made the mistake of doing it too early and they just sort of sunk into the frosting. Live and learn!

Lately I have been very lazy ( or rather just so busy that I don't have time) to get out my camera and set up the tripod etc. etc. so please excuse the horrible phone photo, but you get the idea!

Not a hard cake to make- give it a try! You can find the recipe here at Baked Sunday Mornings.

And here is a quick last minute addition for Purim- rainbow hamataschen ( or ozney Haman as they are called in Hebrew.