Sunday, July 6, 2014

Easy Candy Bar Tart

Weight Watchers always says "keep enemies out of the house". This is DEFINITELY  an enemy, but to keep it out of the house would be a crime! The recipe calls for making it into a regular round tart, but it really is a candy bar so I decided to wrap each little piece individually and keep them in the freezer. Anything frozen is better!

The process is very easy- 15 minutes and the whole thing was ready to go. I just chilled it in the fridge, cut it into bars, then in half and wrapped each little gem.

 Freeze 'em, eat 'em and ask for more.

 Instead of a chocolate cookie base, I used Biscoff cookies-I'm hooked on those little things!
 I also substituted pecans and pistachios( that's what I had) and the taste is just great.

 You can find the recipe at Baked Sunday Mornings.