Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Summer Fun

Here are a few more cookies I made for friends at school to wish them a happy summer vacation.
I am still working hard on perfecting the icing- not sure if I like the corn syrup glaze , royal icing, a combination of both, or maybe someting I haven't even tried yet. Well, now's my chance to experiment! I have all summer to work on it!

 sailboats( just in case you couldn't figure that out!)
wrapped candy
 ( I 've seen these on other blogs and just love them- didn't have a cookie cutter so I found a picture and made a template.)


  1. Hi Yael!! These are sooo adorable!! Your details are great!!

  2. Hi Yael! I love your sailboats! Let me know what you decide about your icing? I haven't tried glaze, but am curious about it.


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