Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Cookies

I haven't done any decorated cookies in quite a while and I'm anxious to get back to it. Every three months at school, we have a birthday celebration for those whose birthday fell in the past three months. Each time a different group of teachers is responsible for the food and can choose any theme they want. This time it's our turn, the elementary teachers, and we decided to throw a real "kids" birthday party( elementary school, get it?!)
I'll be making marshmallow creme-filled cupcakes as well as these simple, but colorful, fun cookies. I actually had the round cookies frozen and was waiting for some opportunity to use them- this was the perfect excuse!

                                                All set up and ready to go

                                                dots and squiggly lines- fun to do!

                                         happy faces- frosting was a bit runny but they're still happy!

                                                  Hope the teachers like them!


  1. Such colorful and festive cookies, Yael! I'm SURE the teachers will like them:)

  2. These are just wonderful! The teachers won't like them, they'll LOVE them!!
    {I'm off to add the code under the image at MacTweets BTW. You can grab it off the blog}

  3. Nice work and probably very tasty too :)
    Can you share your email address?


  4. WHat fun cookies!! Love all the colors :)


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