Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Day Cookies

 Here are some Valentine's day cookies I made just for practice. I'll give them to family and friends. One of these days I'll get myself organized and start to sell them, but until then, I just look for opportunities to bake and decorate!

    pink tinted heart meringues
(had so many leftover egg whites and I refuse to throw them away!)


  1. Oh Yael, They're beautiful! My favorites are the candy and the letter:)

  2. beautiful Yael - I think the candy ones are my favorite. Did you use cookie cutters or is that free hand work?
    I'm a "new kid on the block" wanted to introduce myself and my blog.
    I love trying new things and giving my "2 shekels" worth on them.
    You and your readers might enjoy reading my reviews.

    Thanks for taking a look

  3. oh my, that's adorable! perfect edible art.


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