Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Beginning of a Journey

I'm not one to make resolutions ( I say that , but I do it all the time) because I NEVER can live up to them. This really isn't a resolution, but rather a pledge to myself. Yesterday was the official end of the school year and the beginning of my long-awaited sabbatical. I've either been going to school or teaching for , well, my entire life I guess. This is the first time I've ever taken a sabbatical and in some ways I'm excited but in other ways, scared. Scared of what? Free time and not knowing what to do with it, not taking full advantage of the time, letting the year go by( and I know it goes by before you can say "sabbatical"!) just thinking about what to do and not doing it! 
So , one of the things I am going to make a concerted effort  to accomplish is writing more on this blog. About my baking, just life in general; anything that comes to mind. But at least once a week. For sure, Hopefully.

Here's a list of some of my hopeful missions, accomplishments or whatever you want to call them, throughout the year-
1. eat  healthy and lose some weight- for good, not just temporarily.
2. exercise at least 3 times a week- doesn't matter if  it's the gym, walking, biking, whatever- just move!
3. bake my way through either one of my many cook/bake books or maybe through the notebook of the many hundreds of collected recipes I've accumulated in the past few years.
4. travel as much as my budget allows ( leaving on Wednesday for a dream cruise to Alaska( yeah!!!!) , so at least that's one thing started!) . List of places to visit is another story entirely.
5. spend as much time with my granddaughter as possible( that shouldn't be too hard since I'm very lucky to have them live close by).
6. learn another language
7. take a few baking courses( dream would be to go to France or Italy to do it, but that is only for lottery winners!)
8. work on my technology skills for teaching in the classroom
9. take piano lesson
10. and I'll finish at 10- just enjoy the year and come back to teaching in August of 2013 with a renewed spirit.
This is actually the first time I've written this all down and it seems overwhelming, but in a way, somewhat comforting. I believe that when there is a goal and a will, there is a way. 
SO..... I'd love it if some, even a few,  people would  accompany me on my year-long journey.

In the meantime, my little Ronny's 2nd birthday is today! Yesterday she had the most adorable birthday party in nursery school. I made the cake and some cookies for the kids' goodie bags.

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