Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baked Sunday Mornings-No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies ( with a twist)

Although I love to bake, the words "no bake" always catch my eye. Can something that is just stirred together without baking actually be tasty? The answer is YES!!!
These no bake peanut butter cookies are from Baked Explorations, the second book from Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito of the famed Baked in N.Y.  
I'm joining other bakers from "Baked Sunday Mornings" in this weeks assignment. These cookies or candies or whatever you may call them, are easy , fast, somewhat healthy ( well.... they have oats and peanut butter in them- they're healthy aren't they?) and most important of all, delicious. Easy, peasy , as they say , and you can be sure kids and adults alike will gobble them up quickly. 

I followed the recipe exactly (you can find it here) except for one little twist ,which I think , gives the cookies an extra dimension of taste. Instead of 1 cup of peanut butter , I used 1/2 cup of peanut butter and 1/2 cup of speculoos spread.
I am in love with speculoos spread. I use it at every opportunity.  The spread is a paste version of the cookie and is made by a number of companies. Below is the one I found though I have tried others- all good. Actually, "good" is an understatement. The spread is so delicious you I can eat it right from the spoon like a lollipop! It has become the filling for my alfajores instead of dulce de leche. But that's another post altogether.

Anyhoo.... go make these cookies; candies, treats... whatever you want to call them..... right now! Hint: put them in the freezer-they're even better frozen!


  1. Great idea with the speculoos! I too love speculoos and will have to try this sometime!

  2. What a GREAT idea! Can you imagine how awesome this would be with all speculoos! Maybe some cashews? Now you've got me thinking! Your cookies look wonderful! : )

  3. your added twist!!!

  4. Welcome the BSM, Yael!

    I love that you customized this recipe. Enjoy your week.

  5. Great idea to freeze these. They are so good and your look your change idea.

  6. Good idea to freeze. And interesting to try with speculoos. I was also thinking coconut would be good too. I have really got to find me some speculoos!

  7. Ditto everyone above-- I LOVE me some spekuloos!! Kind of obsessed with that stuff right now, actually. What a great idea, especially since chocolate/peanut butter is not my favorite combo anyway! :)

  8. I just got my first jar of "Cookie Butter" from Trader Joe's this past weekend and I can't wait to use it. I love Biscoff and pretty much any speculoos flavored treat!


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