Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Budino

Budino- never heard the word before. Looked it up ( even though it said what it was  in Baked Explorations) and it is basically the Italian word for pudding or custard.
Surprisingly easy to make, the rich, velvety texture bears no resemblance whatsoever to store bought stuff. 

It really is a few moments in heaven as the rich, but not too sweet custard slides down your throat, and you get the slight hint of the bourbon /vanilla from the white pudding ( love seeing those specks of vanilla!) and the creamy softness of the milk chocolate.
You can eat it with or without the whipped cream- just looks pretty I think.

Grab the recipe here and enjoy!


  1. Your budino's look awesome. So cute in those glasses. I really like how you layered them.

  2. Just gorgeous, Yael! I love the way you tipped the glasses to layer the pudding - so elegant!

  3. I like how you layered the budino in your glasses. Looks great!

  4. Wow, Yael-- your puddings look GORGEOUS!! I absolutely *love* your presentation with those glasses and the perfect swirl of whipped cream on top. I'm starting to think that I did something wrong, as I did not get the rich, smooth texture that some other people are writing about. This wasn't a favorite for me. By the way, I used Elite chocolate again, but these particular bars were bought here at an international market-- I'm pretty sure they are NOT the same as the ones I bought in Israel!! Very weak chocolate flavor-- boo. :(

  5. diagonal layering! looks amazing!

  6. Beautiful presentation...looks like a fancy dessert for a special dinner party. You've given me a great idea.


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