Sunday, November 3, 2013

Devil Dogs

Anybody remember Ring Dings, Yodels or Devil Dogs? I do, especially Yodels- I think my brother used to eat them by the box. That is if my memory serves me correctly. Mom, do you remember something along those lines?  I don't remember eating Devil Dogs so much but certainly they are familiar. 
A bit of history on Devil Dogs and the like. They were made by a company called Drake's that originated in Brooklyn. They have since been sold out to a large food corporation.
The description of a Devil Dog:
An unfrosted devil's food cake sandwich with vanilla creme with round edged cake wafers resembling a hot dog. This is what the box looked like.
I think the description is pretty accurate.

Last week's assignment for Baked Sunday Mornings ( which I missed , so posting this now-better late than never) was for Devil Dogs with a Malted Milk Buttercream filling.
These were fairly straightforward to make and assemble. I put them all together from start to finish in about an hour. The only change I made to the recipe was the malted milk in the buttercream. The closest I can come to malted milk powder here is Ovaltine. This also has a malted flavor but gives the cream a darker color. It is a fine substitute, though you could completely change the filling with your own preference of flavors. 
The texture of the cookie is soft and chewy- quite yummy. The slight malted flavor of the cream really adds some depth to the whole experience. 
If you are nostalgic and looking for an update on a childhood treat, this is it. And even if you're not nostalgic, try them anyways- they're just good!

Perfect with a cold glass of milk!

You can find the recipe here- Baked Sunday Mornings

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