Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wintermint Cake- sort of!

Not a mint fan, so what to do with an assignment that is ALL ABOUT mint? I bake the same cake base, different filling and frosting flavor. 
OK, so I know you're going to say - but what's the point? That's what this cake is all about! True, true; guilty as charged, but I just couldn't bring myself to bake a cake that I knew no one ( at least no one I know) would eat.  I'm sure the cake is amazing for those who enjoy that flavor but it is such a distinct flavor - not a subtle hint kinda thing.

So a few weeks ago was my birthday (ouch! last one before the new number!) and I wanted to bring a cake to work. Seemed easy enough to just make this cake in advance. I switched the flavoring of the frosting and ganache filling to one of my favorites - coconut. 

I was actually more interested in trying the design that is in the book Baked Occasions. I do a lot of cake decorating and this looked simple enough. Elegant, straightforward......WRONG! At least for me. Just couldn't get the hang of making those beautiful gradations of color- separate they were fine, but when I tried to do it on the cake... well they just sort of mushed together. Guess it takes a lot of practice. Just because it "appears" easy, certainly doesn't make it so.

On top of my frustration with that, I made the cake at night and just quickly took a picture of it with my iPhone. Not that the cake looked like anything to begin with, but the photo is really lame.
Apologies for that! Next time... and there will be a next time. The cake itself is wonderful, with a rich, chocolaty flavor. Had a bit of trouble with the frosting consistency but managed. 

This is the way it's SUPPOSED to look!

Not very similar to my result!

You can give it a try yourself- here's the recipe!


  1. Oh, I'm intrigued by your coconut version of the cake -- because I love chocolate + coconut! Did you just use coconut extract instead of peppermint? I tried the frosting technique and I couldn't get it to look like the cookbook, even in all white!

  2. Love that you used coconut! I bet it was really good! I was too chicken to try the ombre least you gave it a try!

  3. Some members of my family hate the chocolate/mint combo, others love it, so I can never make chocolate mint desserts for family gatherings! Glad you still gave this a try!

  4. I agree with Chelly, at least you gave this one a try (I too didn't attempt it) and if it tastes good, then that is what counts. Happy belated birthday-I hope it was a great day.

  5. I fully endorse your switch to coconut - sounds so good! I think this cake would be great with all sorts of combinations. The ombre was hard. Mine was sloppy.... the Baked staff makes it look so easy!

  6. Kudos for giving the frosting methods a try! I didn't even attempt it, and probably never will!

  7. Love coconut. I think that would taste splendid.

  8. Happy New Year, Yael! I'm finally getting a chance to finish reading these. I'm not a mint fan either, and I'm sure the coconut was wonderful-- I'll have to give that a try. I will say, however, that this cake helped to sway me a bit about the chocolate-mint combo. But I'm sure I'd like the coconut one even more! Yes, the ombré was really hard-- it's one of those things that would take a LOT of practice to get it looking similar to the book picture... Nonetheless, nice job! :)


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