Sunday, April 10, 2016


I love cake, and I love pie, but what I really love the most are COOKIES! All kinds and shapes.There are cookies that are the "usuals"- chocolate chip ( although there are some very "unusual" varieties), oatmeal, sugar.  There are cookies from different countries and cultures and cookies of all shapes and sizes. The fun part about cookies (besides eating them) is that you can play around with additions and easily make them your "own" cookie.  Pretty quick to put together,  a great gift when wrapped in an interesting package, and of course- always have that cookie tin filled with cookies for the kiddies when they visit!
These cookies fill all those categories for me. A simple, ton of butter cookie with walnuts (I substituted pecans), shaped into a delicate crescent shape and drowned in powdered sugar for that extra zing. Easy?- check. Pretty gift in a tin or jar?- check.  Kid ready?- check. Taste more than good?- check , check , check! Not a crunchy cookie, they just melt in your mouth as soon as you bite  pop a whole one onto your tongue. A bit addictive, yes, but what kind of cookie isn't?

Crescent cookies go onto my list of  "go-to's" for sure. You can find the recipe here, at Baked Sunday Mornings, as well as see the creations of other members from our baking group. Enjoy!


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