Saturday, March 12, 2016

ST. PATRICK’S DRUNK BUNDT CAKE- Chocolate -Stout cake with Whiskey-Bailey's Glaze

That title is quite a mouthful, but so is this cake! If you are looking for something very 
chocolatey with a hint of alchohol, then this is your baby. I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day , but I certainly don't see that as a prerequisite for enjoying a combination of chocolate, stout, Bailey's Irish Cream and whiskey.
The cake is easy to make- NO MIXER to clean-yay! I acutally didn't have any whiskey on hand so I just upped the amount of Irish Cream. I'm sure that the whiskey would give it a nice,extra kick. (next time, which there definitley will be!)

The whole family willingly indulged at last night's Friday dinner. The youngest participant 
(age 3) enjoyed sitting next to the plate and scooping up the glaze with his finger. He said that was the part he liked the best!!

Give it a try! You can find the recipe at Baked Sunday Mornings, along with the other bakers reactions to this cake.



  1. Wasn't this cake amazing?! It's truly one of my favorites from the book, among the best BAKED Bundts! There is something about that chocolate/stout combination that is outrageously delicious! :)

  2. Glad everyone loved it! Mine is going to work on Thursday!


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