Saturday, June 15, 2013

Here and There.....

It's been quite a while since my last post. I've been doing some traveling- the U.S. to visit family and organize American citizenship for my grandchildren. Everything went smoothly and they are now officially "Americans".

Visiting girlfriends in Arizona and New York ( no kids this time- just  on my own!!) was one of the best times I've had in a long while. Lots of good eats, shopping, girl talk and laughing. Definitely a recommended getaway! I walked the streets of New York endlessly. I can't ever seem to get enough of that city. So much to see, experience, EAT(!!!) and buy. And EAT- did I mention that?

 (do ya think I like sweets?)

Upon my return home, I had a few baking projects awaiting. Here are a few.
soccer cake for a birthday party

Strawberry Shortcake cookies for my granddaughter's 3rd birthday

dragon cookies for a knight in shining armor
My husband surprised me with a quick weekend getaway to Warsaw. I know that doesn't sound like the most amazing destination, but it is an amazing city with a fascinating history. Since the city was completely destroyed at the end of WWII, everything is new. The Old City has been reconstructed exactly as it was and the cobblestone streets have much to offer in the way of food, cafes and street performances. We had excellent weather ( as opposed to the forecast which predicted rain, lightening and thunder..???) and walked our feet of, as we do in every city we visit.
an amazing candy store in Warsaw- such beautiful colors and designs!

cutting the candy on the premises- she was cutting so fast I was afraid she might take a finger off!

the one remaining synagogue in Warsaw

the only remaining building from the Warsaw ghetto

photos of residents past

In the interim, there have been a few Friday night dinners at home with kids and grand-kids. Some good recipes ( to be posted in the near future- hopefully).

One more jaunt before the end of my sabbatical ( sigh, sigh... it has been so awesome). We are off to Vienna and Germany for 12 days at the end of June. Looking forward to seeing a close friend in Frankfurt, traveling by car and seeing the sites.

That's it for now- just a quick catch up before I get back in to the swing of things.


  1. Congrats to you and your grandchildren about getting all of the citizenship paper work done and approved! I know that it can take a long time for all of that to happen so it is a happy day when it is a success. Those sweets and desserts look amazing. Thank you for sharing.


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