Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dolly' s Doughnut - Coconut Bundt Cake with Dark Chocolate /Coconut Fillling

Now that's a mouthful!
"Baked Occasions" dedicated this cake to Dolly Parton, whose birthday is January 19th.We'll leave out her age- you can Google that on your own if you so choose. Apparently she loves coconut and pink is her favorite color. Now I'm not a wild fan of Dolly's either one way or the other, but this cake certainly fits the bill for anyone who likes coconut, chocolate and pink.

A few steps involved but nothing terrible complicated. While baking, the smell of coconut permeated the house and this is a good thing! The chocolate coconut (cream cheese, I might add) filling is a dream (being one of my favorite combinations) and stayed creamy in  the middle of the cake.

The glaze is quite sweet- you could leave it off, but then it wouldn't be a Dolly Doughnut! This cake was worth any bit of effort involved. A nice alternative to a traditional birthday cake. 
You can see the recipe here at Baked Sunday Mornings. Have a piece!

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